This Charity is in memory and appreciation of the life and work of a beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother and great, great, grandmother, Blanche Victoria Burgher.

The Blanche’s Charitable Foundation is a Children Charity operating in Jamaica.

This Charity is in memory and appreciation of the life and work of a beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother and great, great, grandmother, Blanche Victoria Burgher who is affectionately known as “Miss Love.” She has left us valuable examples of love and kindness that are worth remembering and propagating.

Our desire and cause is to be a “Force for Good,” in helping others less fortunate, who need and deserve our help.


Inspired by values of kindness and caring for the welfare of others who are less fortunate, the mission of Blanche’s Charitable Foundation is to maintain and expand these endearing qualities and examples left us by “Miss Love.”

Our mission is to offer tangible help to deserving individuals and to work towards making the community of Richmond Gap and surrounding communities, in St Thomas, Jamaica, a desirable place to work and to live.

To achieve this, Blanche’s Charitable Foundation is  providing annual scholarships to deserving children leaving primary to study at secondary school; financially supporting the Richmond Gap Primary School Breakfast Feeding Programme; offering financial help to individuals and families who are experiencing genuine hardship; organising and supporting community development initiatives, particularly ones aimed at creating employment opportunities for young people and to build a Community Resource Centre at Richmond Gap.

Weʼre raising £300,000 to Build a Community Resource Centre in Richmond Gap, St Thomas, in Jamaica in the next 3 years.

About Us

Blanche’s Charitable Foundation is primarily a charity set up to help children and families, but also helps to organise and support community development initiatives in Richmond Gap and surrounding communities in St Thomas, Jamaica.

The main reason behind the setting up of this charity is to recognize and honour the impact left behind, of the life and work of Blanche Burgher and  the desire to maintain and expand her legacy, in relation to the values of  kindness, love and helping others in the spirit of benevolence and sharing what we have.

Blanche Victoria Burgher, who is affectionately known as “Miss Love” or “Sister Love” to her Christian brethren, was born in the remote rural community of Albion Mountain in the parish of St Thomas, Jamaica on August 21, 1927. After getting married to Simeon Burgher, she moved to the neighbouring community of Richmond Gap, where she lived almost all her life, apart from times spent in Canada living with some of her children. Sadly,

“Miss Love” passed away on January 30, 2015.

Throughout her life, “Miss Love” had been a kind, loving and faithful mother to her twelve children, numerous grand children and great grand children. She had also been an outstanding member of the Richmond Gap community, in the sense that she gave of herself, her time and her resources in kindly acts and unselfish service to others.

Untiringly, “Miss Love” consistently reminded us that it was important and possible, to live by values of love, kindness and forgiveness, regardless of how much or how little we might have. It is true to say that a great many that crossed her path, children in particular, benefited from “Miss Love” unfailing acts of kindness.

It is deeply felt that Miss Love would be happy and pleased to know that her children, grand children, great grand children, future generations and indeed, all those who have benefited from her acts of kindness, continues  to offer these worthwhile qualities to others.

The vision of Blanche’s Charitable Foundation therefore, is to honour the work of “Miss Love” by doing all we can to preserve, propagate and advance these important values at a much greater level and effectiveness.

Blanche Victoria Burgher
“Miss Love” 1927 – 2015


Blanche’s Foundation Scholarship is awarded each year to two students graduating from  primary to go on to study at secondary school.


There are so many ways to get involved with our work. Soon we will be seeking Volunteers to help us in community projects or you can simply provide us with a financial donation. Every dollar will makes a difference.

Give with confidence

We are a registered charity in Jamaica. As such, Blanche’s Foundation has made a public promise to ensure that our fundraising is legal, open and honest. Thus allowing you to give with confidence knowing that your donation is going towards good cause.

We hope that this will build trust and confidence in charitable giving and, ultimately, encourage more people to provide vital support for our work.

Our Fundraising Promise to You

We will commit to high standards
We will be clear, honest and open
We will be respectful
We will be fair and reasonable
We will be accountable and responsible

Should you have any concerns about the way we fundraise, we encourage you to get in touch with your feedback. This is important to us. It is also important for us to let you know that we are governed and regulated by the Department of Co-operative and Friendly Societies in Jamaica.

Department Of Cooperative And Friendly Societies

Address: 2, Musgrave Ave, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone: +1 876-978-1946

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